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Hyper-Automation Platform

Set iBot robot, iDiscover, API-Hub, AI Lab, IBPM process engine, Wendao, rule engine and other core products, support the whole life cycle management from demand mining, process design, business system development, collaborative arrangement, intelligent cognition to human-computer interaction and insight analysis, build a flexible and unified end-to-end digital intelligence platform for modern enterprises, and realizes rapid delivery through the industry-leading "zero code" technology.


Industry's first "0" code RPA product

Built-in 600+ action node, 5000+ function points, let every employee develop their own RPA process through drag and drop the nodes.Three steps: Design, Debugging, Release can quickly complete process building, then easily automatically complete a lot of repetitive work, will become an indispensable productivity tool for each employee's work. "one person, one machine" to release the individual super productivity, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.


The first commercial landing in China

Built-in 20+ algorithms, visual process analysis engine, process prediction and automated disposal, process optimisation closed-loop and other functions, like X-ray machine generates event logs into visual processes,to accurately find process bottlenecks,and combined with the iBot or HAP to improve automation or overall reengineering, not only to improve process transparency and compliance, but also to maximize cost savings and reduce risk.


One-stop AI application integrated platform

Integrate knowledge base construction, chatbot custom creation, unified search platform, data annotation and management, knowledge data vectorisation and other functions, significantly reducing the difficulty of using large models, to help enterprises to establish a proprietary knowledge base, help users quickly build a large model of AI applications, which can be widely used in customer service, employee self-service, AI business analysis and other scenes.


Customized service-type virtual person

Based on virtual human modeling technology, enterprises can customize the assistant according to meet the multi-disciplinary scenarios with thousands of virtual images, relying on large models and other AI technologies, the virtual human not only achieves a natural and smooth dialogue, but also provides a flexible response and efficient implementation of interaction, providing strong support for decision makers, and effectively improve the customer experience.

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Customer Testimony...

"We evaluated numerous domestic and international process mining vendors and conducted a series of proof-of-concept tests. Rongzhi's technological capabilities and product offerings met all of our requirements. The project is now live."

In the early stages, we purchased an overseas PA product but found that their service and response times gradually couldn't meet our requirements. After comparing all similar domestic products, we chose Infodator.

"We have complex business processes, and our logistics department needs to place orders within the Citrix svstem environment. Many PA vendors abandoned the project due to its high difficulty. However, Infodator demonstrated outstanding performance during the POC phase, helping us achieve 100% automation across the entire process.

According to Ernst & Young, the industry average load rate is 28%